You’ll Be Glad to Know 5 Great Myths About Waxing

Interested in waxing in Ottawa?  You will be highly interested to know these five myths about waxing.  They help to show you really can enjoy waxing.

You Need Long Leg Hair To Get A Wax

Through years of people writing about waxing on the internet is has become a popular belief that you need to have long leg hair in order to get a waxing in Ottawa.  This isn’t true.  You just need enough hair for the wax to grab onto firmly.

Waxing Ottawa
Waxing in Ottawa

Shaving Between Waxing Is Okay

A lot of people believe that they can do a touch up with their razor in between waxing appointments.  This actually only delays the waxing process.  When you shave you get rid of all of the hair length that the wax holds onto.

Shaving also prevents your waxing from taking full effect.  One of the benefits of a waxing is that there will be less hair growth.  The hair that does grow is thinner with weaker roots that makes future sessions easier.

Waxing Sessions Are Also Exfoliation Sessions

During a waxing session, some of your dead skin cells are removed from the body.  That stands to reason that your body is getting exfoliated right?  Wrong.  The dead skin cells removed by waxing are only a side effect.  They aren’t removed uniformly.

It is actually recommended that you either give yourself a light exfoliation or receive one from a professional after your waxing session.  This helps to get rid of the many of dead skin cells left over.  It also works to prevent bacterial infections by aiding in the proper closure of pores.

Waxing Is One Of The Most Painful Things You Will Do To Your Legs

It is true that for some people, waxing will hurt more than it does for others.  It won’t be the most painful thing you experience, though.  Minimize your pain to a dull ache by getting proper sleep, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and staying on a regular waxing schedule.  With these tips, you should only experience a dull ache or less.